Gallery Proposals
The Wilma W. Daniels Gallery hosts solo and group exhibitions. Exhibitions may be accompanied by artist residency programs, including talks, workshops, and demonstrations. We would like to invite artists and art groups to make submission proposals for exhibitions and any auxiliary programs.

The Gallery generally hosts 6-8 exhibitions annually. Located across the street from the Wilson Center in downtown Wilmington, NC, the Gallery is open 12-5 pm all weekdays and typically an hour prior to all Cape Fear Stage shows.

Exhibition Selection Process
The Wilma W. Daniels Gallery staff will review the proposals for all the completed submissions, using criteria such as technical facility; thematic, aesthetic, and conceptual soundness; creative originality; content; media; and collaborative opportunities presented on campus and community-wide. All proposals must reflect the content of the intended exhibit. Any changes to this original content must be reviewed and approved by Wilson Center staff in advance of the installation.

Each exhibition proposal is considered as an integral component of the entire upcoming exhibition calendar. Preference is given to artists and groups willing to conduct artist talks and/or in residence programs for their exhibitions. Any group or individual artist who has an idea for an exhibition is invited to make a proposal. Professional, student, or amateur curators can make proposals for art exhibitions. The general public is also invited to make suggestions about the type of exhibitions they would like to see.

The Exhibition
Artists will be responsible for transportation of work, hanging and dismantling the exhibition under the supervision of the Wilson Center. Artwork must be removed from the premises by the artist or their representative at the agreed-upon time. The Gallery is not responsible for work left on the premises after that time.

Sale of Work
A commission of 20% on all non-Cape Fear Community College student work sold will be levied by the Gallery.

Interested artists may submit a proposal for consideration by clicking the button below.

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