March 24 to April 28, 2023

2022 CFCC Student Exhibition, Best in Show, Oliver Avera, “Cat Man Bike”

WILMINGTON, NC – The Wilma W. Daniels Gallery, the CFCC Fine Arts Department, and the Wilson Center are thrilled to announce the annual juried art exhibition featuring Cape Fear Community College students at Wilma W. Daniels Gallery on the Downtown Campus of Cape Fear Community College. This exhibition returns to the Gallery with an opening on March 24, 2023. The exhibition will run through April 28, 2023.

September Krueger, Director of Lifelong Education at Cameron Art Museum, is the juror for this year’s exhibition. The annual show features artwork created by CFCC students judged across a variety of media categories. A reception was held on Friday, March 24, where the Awards Ceremony to recognize the winner in each category, as well as Best In Show, took place.

This years awards are:

  • Best In Show:
    • Taisha Benjamin, “Head in the Clouds”, acrylic on canvas
  • Painting:
    • 1st Place: Carrie Householder, “Oranges”, oil on canvas
    • 2nd Place: Hallie-Claire Weems, “Bloom”, acrylic on board
    • 3rd Place: Sidney Herring, “Lemons”, oil on canvas
  • Drawing:
    • 1st Place: Hallie-Claire Weems, “The Sunken Place”, graphite
    • 2nd Place: Quenton Bowman, “Soul Gazing”, graphite
    • 3rd Place: Haylee Guzman, “Inkblots”, charcoal
  • 2D Design:
    • 1st Place: Samuel Fernandez, “Surveillance State”, acrylic on paper
    • 2nd Place: Bridget Ganz, “Leaves, Lines”, pen on paper
    • 3rd Place: Matthew Montes, “Dragon Slayer”, pen and ink
  • Photography:
    • 1st Place: Rebecca Walker, “Reflections on Youth”, photograph
    • 2nd Place: Day Camposeco, “Citlalli Portrait”, digital photograph
    • 3rd Place: Rebecca Walker, “Getting in the Car”, photograph
  • Ceramics:
    • 1st Place: Rocco Laraia, “Peter, Franklin, and Douglas”, clay
    • 2nd Place: Tricia Messenger, “Three Vases”, stoneware
    • 3rd Place: Jamie Ward, “Bell Pepper Teapot”, clay
  • Sculpture:
    • 1st Place: Becky Filer, “Brevard, 1:00”, wood, bark and twine
    • 2nd Place: Tricia Messenger, “Nest Egg”, abaca paper and twine
    • 3rd Place: Logan Beechner, “Feather and Coil”, aluminum and mahogany
  • Mixed Media:
    • 1st Place: Isabelle Sloan, “Self Portrait”, soft pastel and acrylic on paper
    • 2nd Place: Oliver Avera, “Catch”, mod podge, ink, marker, acrylic paint, cardboard, tinfoil
    • 3rd Place: Taylor Allaire, “Forbidden Treasure”, mixed media
  • Prinmaking:
    • 1st Place: Brennan Hazle, “Faith”, linocut
    • 2nd Place: Annabelle Puttbach, “Formicidae”, mezzotint
    • 3rd Place: Brennan Hazle, “Moonchild”, aquatint
  • Digital Design:
    • 1st Place: Karen O’Kelly, “Memories”, digital illustration
    • 2nd Place: Reese Perez, “Music Makes You”, digital illustration
    • 3rd Place: Karissa Uhrain, “There Will Come Soft Rains”, digital media

For those who wish to view the works on display, the Wilma W. Daniels Gallery will be open from noon to 5 p.m., Mondays through Fridays, throughout the course of this exhibition.

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